Interface CorsFilterClient

public interface CorsFilterClient
Interface for a client of the Cors filter.
  • Method Details

    • getHeaderFirst

      String getHeaderFirst(String name)
      Gets the first value of an header.
    • isHeadersSent

      boolean isHeadersSent()
      Are the headers sent?
    • getFullUrl

      String getFullUrl()
      Gets the full URL of the request.
    • resetEverything

      void resetEverything()
      Resets the response.
    • setStatusCode

      void setStatusCode(int code)
      Sets the response's status code.
    • getHttpMethod

      HttpMethod getHttpMethod()
      Gets the request's HTTP method.
    • addHeaderValue

      void addHeaderValue(String name, String value)
      Adds an header value.
    • requestContainsCookies

      boolean requestContainsCookies()
      DOes the request contain cookies?
    • getAllowedOrigins

      Set<String> getAllowedOrigins()
      The allowed origins, for the cors request.
    • getExtraHeadersAllowedToBeRead

      Set<String> getExtraHeadersAllowedToBeRead()
      The extra headers allowed to be read, for the cors request.
    • getExtraHeadersAllowedToBeSent

      Set<String> getExtraHeadersAllowedToBeSent()
      The extra headers allowed to be sent, for the cors request.
    • isAllowCookies

      boolean isAllowCookies()
      Are cookies allowed in the cors request?
    • getAllowedMethods

      Set<HttpMethod> getAllowedMethods()
      The allowed HTTP methods, for the cors request.
    • getMaxAgeInSeconds

      int getMaxAgeInSeconds()
      The max age to cache a cors preflight response.