Interface ValidationMessage

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public interface ValidationMessage extends ToJsonObjectConvertible
A validation message.
  • Method Details

    • getValidationLevel

      ValidationLevel getValidationLevel()
      The validation level of thr message : ERROR, WARNING or SUCCESS.
    • isWarning

      boolean isWarning()
      Returns true if the message level is WARNING.
    • isSuccess

      boolean isSuccess()
      Returns true if the message level is SUCCESS.
    • isError

      boolean isError()
      Returns true if the message level is ERROR.
    • getCode

      String getCode()
      The validation code.
    • getText

      String getText()
      The text of the message.
    • getHtmlEscapeType

      ValidationHtmlEscapeType getHtmlEscapeType()
      How should the text be escaped when displayed in HTML?
    • convertToJsonObject

      JsonObject convertToJsonObject()
      Converts the message to a JsonObject object.

      The resulting JsonObject object is immutable.

      Specified by:
      convertToJsonObject in interface ToJsonObjectConvertible