Interface SpincastAttemptsLimiterPluginRepository

public interface SpincastAttemptsLimiterPluginRepository
Repository for attempts.
  • Method Details

    • saveNewAttempt

      void saveNewAttempt(String actionName, AttemptCriteria... criterias)
      Save a new attempt for an action, given some criterias.
    • getAttemptsNumberPerCriteriaSince

      Map<String,Integer> getAttemptsNumberPerCriteriaSince(String actionName, Instant sinceDate, AttemptCriteria... criterias)
      Returne the number of attempt made for an action, by criterias. The keys are the criterias' names.
    • deleteAttemptsOlderThan

      void deleteAttemptsOlderThan(String actionName, Instant date)
      Deletes all attempts of the action older than the specified date.
    • deleteAttempts

      void deleteAttempts(String actionName, AttemptCriteria... criterias)
      Deletes all attempts of the specified action and criterias.