Interface SpincastFormsProtectionConfig

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public interface SpincastFormsProtectionConfig
Configurations for the Spincast Forms Protection plugin.
  • Field Details


      static final String SESSION_VARIABLE_NAME_CSRF_TOKEN
      The name of the session variable used to store the CSRF token id of the user.
  • Method Details

    • getFormCsrfProtectionIdFieldName

      String getFormCsrfProtectionIdFieldName()
      The "name" of the hidden field in which a generated CSRF protection id will be saved in the HTML form.
    • getFormDoubleSubmitProtectionIdFieldName

      String getFormDoubleSubmitProtectionIdFieldName()
      The "name" of the hidden field in which a generated Double Submit protection id will be saved in the HTML form.
    • getFormDoubleSubmitDisableProtectionIdFieldName

      String getFormDoubleSubmitDisableProtectionIdFieldName()
      The "name" of the hidden field to add to disable the Double Submit protection on a specific form. (use any value such as "1" for the field.)
    • autoRegisterDeleteOldDoubleSubmitProtectionIdsScheduledTask

      boolean autoRegisterDeleteOldDoubleSubmitProtectionIdsScheduledTask()
      Should this plugin automatically register a scheduled task that will call SpincastFormsDoubleSubmitProtectionRepository.deleteOldFormsProtectionIds(int) for cleanup?

      Note that wathever the value, the scheduled task will only be registered if a proper implementation of SpincastFormsDoubleSubmitProtectionFilter was bound in the first place.

      If disabled, you are responsible to register the scheduled task by yourself, or at least delete those old ids by yourself.

      Defaults to true.

    • getDeleteOldDoubleSubmitProtectionIdsScheduledTaskRunEveryNbrMinutes

      int getDeleteOldDoubleSubmitProtectionIdsScheduledTaskRunEveryNbrMinutes()
      If autoRegisterDeleteOldDoubleSubmitProtectionIdsScheduledTask() is enabled, the cleanup of old saved protection ids should runs every X minutes.
    • getFormDoubleSubmitFormValidForNbrMinutes

      int getFormDoubleSubmitFormValidForNbrMinutes()
      If the SpincastFormsDoubleSubmitProtectionFilter filter is used, this is the number of minutes maximum of form will be considered as valid. Older than that, it will be refused.

      If autoRegisterDeleteOldDoubleSubmitProtectionIdsScheduledTask() is enabled, the scheduled task will also use this value to decide when to delete old protection ids.

      Defaults to 120 minutes (2 hours).