Interface SpincastJsonManagerConfig

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public interface SpincastJsonManagerConfig
Configurations for the Spincast Json Manager plugin. We use "@ImplementedBy" to specify the default configurations to use if none is specified in a Guice module.
  • Method Details

    • getPrettyPrinterIndentationSpaceNumber

      int getPrettyPrinterIndentationSpaceNumber()
      The number of space to use as indentation for pretty print. Defaults to 4.
    • getPrettyPrinterNewlineChars

      String getPrettyPrinterNewlineChars()
      The newline characters to use for pretty print. Defaults to "\n".
    • isSerializeEnumsToNameAndLabelObjects

      boolean isSerializeEnumsToNameAndLabelObjects()
      Should enums be serialized to : { "name" : "ENUM_ELEMENT_NAME", "label" : "result of ENUM_ELEMENT_NAME.toString()" } If false, an enum is serialized to its name only.