Class InsertStatementDefault

All Implemented Interfaces:
InsertStatement, Statement

public class InsertStatementDefault extends StatementBase implements InsertStatement
  • Constructor Details

    • InsertStatementDefault

      public InsertStatementDefault(Connection connection)
  • Method Details

    • insert

      public int insert()
      Description copied from interface: InsertStatement
      Runs the insert query, returns the number of affected rows.
      Specified by:
      insert in interface InsertStatement
    • insertGetGeneratedId

      public Long insertGetGeneratedId(String primaryKeyColumnName)
      Description copied from interface: InsertStatement
      Runs the insert query and return the generated id
      Specified by:
      insertGetGeneratedId in interface InsertStatement
    • insertPrivate

      protected Long insertPrivate(String primaryKeyColumnName)
      If primaryKeyColumnName is null, returns the affected rows number. Otherwise returns the generated id.