Interface SpincastSessionConfig

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public interface SpincastSessionConfig
Configurations for the Spincast Session plugin.
  • Method Details

    • isSessionPermanentByDefault

      boolean isSessionPermanentByDefault()
      When a cookie is automatically added to a visitor, should it be permanent (10 years)? Otherwise, it will be browser-session long only (the default).
    • getSessionMaxInactiveMinutes

      int getSessionMaxInactiveMinutes()
      The number of minutes before an inactive session is deleted.

      Defaults to 7 days.

    • getDeleteOldSessionsScheduledTaskRunEveryNbrMinutes

      int getDeleteOldSessionsScheduledTaskRunEveryNbrMinutes()
      The acheduled task to delete old sessions should run every X minutes.
    • getSessionIdCookieName

      String getSessionIdCookieName()
      The name of the cookie used to store the Session id, by default.
    • getDefaultCookieRepositoryCookieName

      String getDefaultCookieRepositoryCookieName()
      When the default SpincastSessionRepository repository is used (we suggest you bind a custom one, based on a database though!), this will be the name of the cookie used to saved the session, on the client.
    • getUpdateNotDirtySessionPeriodInSeconds

      int getUpdateNotDirtySessionPeriodInSeconds()
      The number of seconds between two updates of the modification date of a session, wheen the session is not dirty.

      This value must be less than getSessionMaxInactiveMinutes() or active sessions will be deleted!

      Note that when something changes on the session the session becomes dirty and is always saved and an updated modification date.

    • isAutoAddSessionFilters

      boolean isAutoAddSessionFilters()
      Should the required before and after filters be added automatically?

      If false, you will have to add them by yourself.

    • getAutoAddedFilterBeforePosition

      int getAutoAddedFilterBeforePosition()
      When the session filters are added automatically, this would be the position of the before filter.
    • getAutoAddedFilterAfterPosition

      int getAutoAddedFilterAfterPosition()
      When the session filters are added automatically, this would be the position of the after filter.