Interface SpincastTimeZoneResolverConfig

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public interface SpincastTimeZoneResolverConfig
Configurations for the Spincast TimeZone Resolver plugin.
  • Method Details

    • isRefreshPageAfterAddingPebbleTimeZoneCookie

      boolean isRefreshPageAfterAddingPebbleTimeZoneCookie()
      Should the page be refreshed once the TimeZone cookie has been set for the first time?

      This allows you to obtain the timeZone of the user even before rendering the very first page he visits. Simply put {{ timeZoneCookie(true) }} very high in the header of the page!

      Defaults to true.

    • getPebbleTimeZoneCookieDomain

      String getPebbleTimeZoneCookieDomain()
      The domain to use for the TimeZone coookie. Default to "." + the app domain, which makes the cookie available to all sud domains.
    • getPebbleTimeZoneCookiePath

      String getPebbleTimeZoneCookiePath()
      The path to use for the TimeZone coookie.

      Defaults to "/".

    • getPebbleTimeZoneCookieReloadingQsParamName

      String getPebbleTimeZoneCookieReloadingQsParamName()
      The name of the querystring parameter that will be used is reloading the page after the timeZone cookie is set is enabled.

      Defaults to "spincast_tz".

    • getPebbleTimeZoneCookieExpiredHoursNbr

      int getPebbleTimeZoneCookieExpiredHoursNbr()
      The number of hours the timeZone cookie will live.

      Defaults to 10 years.