Interface CanBeDisabled

All Known Implementing Classes:
AppBasedDefaultContextTypesTestingBase, AppBasedTestingBase, AppBasedWebsocketTestingBase, NoAppCustomContextTypesTestingBase, NoAppStartHttpServerCustomContextTypesTestingBase, NoAppStartHttpServerTestingBase, NoAppTestingBase, NoAppWebsocketTestingBase, SpincastTestBase

public interface CanBeDisabled
Allows you to ignore a test class entirely.

To use with SpincastJUnitRunner.

  • Method Details

    • isTestClassDisabledPreBeforeClass

      boolean isTestClassDisabledPreBeforeClass(Collection<org.junit.runners.model.FrameworkMethod> filteredTests)
      Should the tests class be disabled?

      Note that this will be run before everything (including #beforeClass()): no Guice context is available... But you can look at System properties, for example as a way of finding if the file must be ran or not.

      Use isTestClassDisabledPostBeforeClass() if you need the Guice context in order to perform your logic.

      filteredTests - the tests that are going to be run.
    • isTestClassDisabledPostBeforeClass

      boolean isTestClassDisabledPostBeforeClass()
      Should the tests of this class all be disabled?

      Note that this will be run after #beforeClass(): the Guice context is created and available.

      If you need to disable the tests because on some environments you are not even able to create the Guice context, use #isTestClassDisabledPreBeforeClass() instead.