Class DefaultRouteParamAliasesBinder<R extends RequestContext<?>,W extends WebsocketContext<?>>


public class DefaultRouteParamAliasesBinder<R extends RequestContext<?>,W extends WebsocketContext<?>> extends Object
Component that binds some default route parameter aliases.
  • Constructor Details

    • DefaultRouteParamAliasesBinder

      public DefaultRouteParamAliasesBinder()
  • Method Details

    • init

      @Inject protected void init(SpincastConfig spincastConfig, Router<R,W> router)
      Init : binds the aliases.
    • getAlphaAliasKey

      public String getAlphaAliasKey()
      Alpha alias
    • bindAlphaAlias

      protected void bindAlphaAlias(boolean insensitive, Router<R,W> router)
    • geNumericAliasKey

      public String geNumericAliasKey()
      Numeric alias
    • bindNumericAlias

      protected void bindNumericAlias(boolean insensitive, Router<R,W> router)
    • getAlphaPlusAliasKey

      public String getAlphaPlusAliasKey()
      Alpha + "_" and "-" alias
    • bindAlphaPlusAlias

      protected void bindAlphaPlusAlias(boolean insensitive, Router<R,W> router)
    • geNumericPlusAliasKey

      public String geNumericPlusAliasKey()
      Numeric + "_" and "-" alias
    • bindNumericPlusAlias

      protected void bindNumericPlusAlias(boolean insensitive, Router<R,W> router)
    • getAlphaNumericAliasKey

      public String getAlphaNumericAliasKey()
      Alphanumeric alias
    • bindAlphaNumericAlias

      protected void bindAlphaNumericAlias(boolean insensitive, Router<R,W> router)
    • getAlphaNumericPlusAliasKey

      public String getAlphaNumericPlusAliasKey()
      Alphanumeric + "_" and "-" alias
    • bindAlphaNumericPlusAlias

      protected void bindAlphaNumericPlusAlias(boolean insensitive, Router<R,W> router)
    • getLangAliasKey

      public String getLangAliasKey()
      ISO 639 two-letter language codes: "en", "fr", etc.

      As returned by Locale.getISOLanguages().

    • bindLangAlias

      protected void bindLangAlias(boolean insensitive, Router<R,W> router)