Interface RoutingRequestContextAddon<R extends RequestContext<?>>

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public interface RoutingRequestContextAddon<R extends RequestContext<?>>
Add-on to get information about the current routing process.
  • Method Details

    • isNotFoundRoute

      boolean isNotFoundRoute()
      Are we currently on a "Not Found" routing type?
    • isExceptionRoute

      boolean isExceptionRoute()
      Are we currently on an "Exception" routing type?
    • isForwarded

      boolean isForwarded()
      Is the current route forwarded?
    • getCurrentRouteHandlerMatch

      RouteHandlerMatch<R> getCurrentRouteHandlerMatch()
      The current route handler being run (may be a filter) and its associated information.
    • getRoutingResult

      RoutingResult<R> getRoutingResult()
      The routing result for the current request, as returned by the router.
    • getPosition

      int getPosition()
      The current route handler position. If < 0 : is a "before" handler. If == 0 : is the main handler. If > 0 : is an "after" handler.