Interface StaticResource<R extends RequestContext<?>>

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public interface StaticResource<R extends RequestContext<?>>
A static resource, from the classpath or the file system.

A static resource is served directly by the HTTP server. But if the resource is not found and a generator exists, then the server will call the framework instead of returning 404.

  • Method Details

    • isSpicastOrPluginAddedResource

      boolean isSpicastOrPluginAddedResource()
      Is this a resource added by Spincast itself or by a plugin? Otherwise, the resource is considered as an application resource.
    • getStaticResourceType

      StaticResourceType getStaticResourceType()
      The type of static resource.
    • getUrlPath

      String getUrlPath()
      The URL to reach this static resource.
    • getResourcePath

      String getResourcePath()
      The path of the resource on the classpath or on the file system.
    • getGenerator

      Handler<R> getGenerator()
      The generator to call to generate this resource if it doesn't exist yet.

      the generator or null if there are none.
    • isIgnoreQueryString

      boolean isIgnoreQueryString()
      If true, only one instance of the resource will be generated and cached. If false (the default), the resource will always be generated if there is a queryString.
    • isHotlinkingProtected

      boolean isHotlinkingProtected()
      Is the resource hotlinking protected?
    • getHotlinkingManager

      HotlinkingManager getHotlinkingManager()
      If a static resource is hotlinking protected (isHotlinkingProtected()), then this is the component responsible to that protection.

      Will be null if the resource is not hotlinking protected.

    • getCorsConfig

      StaticResourceCorsConfig getCorsConfig()
      The cors configurations for the static resource.

      If null, cors won't be enabled for that resource.

    • getCacheConfig

      StaticResourceCacheConfig getCacheConfig()
      The cache configurations for the static resource.

      If null, no caching headers will be sent, but the last modification-date of the resource will be validated and 304 - Not modified will be returned if applicable.

    • isClasspath

      boolean isClasspath()
      Is the resource on the classpath?
    • isFileSytem

      boolean isFileSytem()
      Is the resource on the file system?
    • isFileResource

      boolean isFileResource()
      Is the resource a file?
    • isDirResource

      boolean isDirResource()
      Is the resource a directory?
    • isCanBeGenerated

      boolean isCanBeGenerated()
      Can this resource be generated?