Interface WebsocketController<R extends RequestContext<?>,W extends WebsocketContext<?>>

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public interface WebsocketController<R extends RequestContext<?>,W extends WebsocketContext<?>>
A controller for a WebSocket connection.
  • Method Details

    • onPeerPreConnect

      WebsocketConnectionConfig onPeerPreConnect(R context)
      Called before the HTTP request is converted to a WebSocket connection.

      Allows you to decide which endpoint and which peer id to use for the WebSocket connection. You still have access to the request parameters, the cookies, so you can make a decision based on those.

      the WebSocket configuration to used for this peer or, if null is returned, the WebSocket connection won't be established.
    • onEndpointReady

      void onEndpointReady(WebsocketEndpointManager endpointManager)
      This method is called when a new endpoint is created and its manager is ready. This occures when the controller returns a endpoint id to be used for the first time. Save this manager and use it to send messages, to echo received messages from a peer to multiple peers, to close peers, or to close the endpoint itself.

      IMPORTANT: To make sure you receive this manager before the connection with the very first peer is established, to prevent any concurrency issues, this method is actually called synchronously in the same thread handling the connection with that first peer. This means this method should not block! If you use this method to start a loop and send messages, for example, then the WebSocket connection with the first peer will fail...

      To use this method as a starting point to send events to the peers, start a new Thread in it and return immediately.

    • onPeerConnected

      void onPeerConnected(W context)
      A peer is connected on the WebSocket endpoint. You may want to wait for the first call to this method before strating to send messages.
    • onPeerMessage

      void onPeerMessage(W context, String message)
      A Peer sent a String message.
    • onPeerMessage

      void onPeerMessage(W context, byte[] message)
      A peer sent a bytes[] message.
    • onPeerClosed

      void onPeerClosed(W context)
      A peer closed the WebSocket connection.
    • onEndpointClosed

      void onEndpointClosed(String endpointId)
      The endpoint is now closed.