Interface HttpRequestBuilder<T extends HttpRequestBuilder<?>>

All Known Subinterfaces:
BodySenderRequestBuilderBase<T>, ConnectRequestBuilder, DeleteRequestBuilder, GetRequestBuilder, HeadRequestBuilder, OptionsRequestBuilder, PatchRequestBuilder, PostRequestBuilder, PutRequestBuilder, TraceRequestBuilder, WebsocketRequestBuilder
All Known Implementing Classes:
BodySenderRequestBuilderBaseDefault, ConnectRequestBuilderDefault, DeleteRequestBuilderDefault, GetRequestBuilderDefault, HeadRequestBuilderDefault, HttpRequestBuilderBase, HttpSpincastRequestBuilderBase, OptionsRequestBuilderDefault, PatchRequestBuilderDefault, PostRequestBuilderDefault, PutRequestBuilderDefault, TraceRequestBuilderDefault, WebsocketRequestBuilderDefault

public interface HttpRequestBuilder<T extends HttpRequestBuilder<?>>
Base for all Http/Websocket request builders.
  • Method Details

    • addHeaderValue

      T addHeaderValue(String key, String value)
      Adds a value to the specified header. Existing values will be kept.
    • addHeaderValues

      T addHeaderValues(String key, List<String> values)
      Adds some values to the specified header. Existing values will be kept.
    • setHeaders

      T setHeaders(Map<String,List<String>> headers)
      Sets the headers. Existing headers will be overwritten.
    • setHeaderValues

      T setHeaderValues(String key, List<String> values)
      Sets the values of the specified header. Existing values of this header will be overwritten.
    • addJsonAcceptHeader

      T addJsonAcceptHeader()
      Adds an Accept head for Json.
    • addXMLAcceptHeader

      T addXMLAcceptHeader()
      Adds an Accept head for XML.
    • addHTMLAcceptHeader

      T addHTMLAcceptHeader()
      Adds an Accept head for HTML.
    • addPlainTextAcceptHeader

      T addPlainTextAcceptHeader()
      Adds an Accept head for plain text.
    • setCookie

      T setCookie(String name, String value)
      Sets a cookie. Secure by default (HTTPS only)!
    • setCookie

      T setCookie(String name, String value, boolean secure)
      Sets a cookie, secure or not.
    • setCookie

      T setCookie(Cookie cookie)
      Sets a cookie.
    • setCookies

      T setCookies(Collection<Cookie> cookies)
      Sets some cookies.
    • setRequestConfig

      T setRequestConfig( requestConfig)
      Sets a custom RequestConfig to use. If not provided, a default one will be used.
    • setHttpClientBuilder

      T setHttpClientBuilder( httpClientBuilder)
      Sets a specific HttpClientBuilder to use. If not provided, a default one will be used.
    • disableSslCertificateErrors

      T disableSslCertificateErrors()
      Disables some SSL certificates errors (such as self-signed certificate errors).

      SSL certificate errors are not disabled by default.

      Be sure you know what you are doing if you disable this! It may lead to some security concerns!

    • disableRedirectHandling

      T disableRedirectHandling()
      Disables automatic handling of redirects.

      By default, the client will automatically follow a redirect response. Calling this will allow you to get the actual redirect HTTP status.

    • setHttpAuthCredentials

      T setHttpAuthCredentials(String username, String password)
      Set HTTP authentication credentials.
    • send

      HttpResponse send()
      Sends the request and gets the HTTP response.