Interface Route<R extends RequestContext<?>>

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public interface Route<R extends RequestContext<?>>
Represents a regular route and all its informations.
  • Method Details

    • getId

      String getId()
      The route id.
    • getClasses

      Set<String> getClasses()
      The route's classes.
    • isWebsocketRoute

      boolean isWebsocketRoute()
      Is this a Websocket route?
    • isStaticResourceRoute

      boolean isStaticResourceRoute()
      Is this a route for a resource? It is if it was was started using Router.dir(String) or Router.file(String).

      On a resource route, we may want to skip some filters, for example.

    • getStaticResource

      StaticResource<R> getStaticResource()
      Returns the StaticResource to serve or null if this is not a route for a static resource (ie if isStaticResourceRoute()) doesn't return true.
    • isSpicastCoreRouteOrPluginRoute

      boolean isSpicastCoreRouteOrPluginRoute()
      Is this a route added by Spincast itself or by a plugin? Otherwise, the route is considered as an application route.
    • getPath

      String getPath()
      The route path.
    • isSkipResourcesRequests

      boolean isSkipResourcesRequests()
      Should a request for a resource be skipped?

      Only used if the current route is a filter.

    • getHttpMethods

      Set<HttpMethod> getHttpMethods()
      The HTTP methods this route applies to.
    • getAcceptedContentTypes

      Set<String> getAcceptedContentTypes()
      The Content-Types this route accepts (names all lowercased).
    • getRoutingTypes

      Set<RoutingType> getRoutingTypes()
      The routing types the route should be considered for.
    • getMainHandler

      Handler<R> getMainHandler()
      The main handler.
    • getBeforeFilters

      List<Handler<R>> getBeforeFilters()
      The "before" filters, if any.
    • getAfterFilters

      List<Handler<R>> getAfterFilters()
      The "after" filters, if any.
    • getPosition

      int getPosition()
      The position at which this route should be run during a routing process.
    • getFilterIdsToSkip

      Set<String> getFilterIdsToSkip()
      The ids of the filters that should be skipped for this route.
    • getSpecs

      Object getSpecs()
      The optional specs for the route.
    • getSpecsParameters

      List<Object> getSpecsParameters()
      Optional specs parameters.
    • isSpecsIgnore

      boolean isSpecsIgnore()
      Is this route ignored when specs are generated?