Power to the developers!

Spincast is an highly flexible and open source Java web framework, based on Guice.

Why Spincast framework?

We live in a crazy world where the New Best Thing™ is always changing. Javascript, that sucky language, is everywhere. Everybody thinks they are Netflix and that they need reactive not blocking serverless functional GraphQL web scaled microservices on Kubernetes.

Stop this madness, please. What most of us really need are tools made for the real world. Tools that don't try to look cool, but that work well and provide control and flexibility. Spincast tries to be that framework that won't get you nerd points during a discussion, but that actually gets the job done very well.

A simple but fully working application:

public class App {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

    protected void init(DefaultRouter router, Server server) {
        router.GET("/").handle(context -> context.response().sendHtml("<h1>Hello World!</h1>"));

When needed, you have access to a lot of power and flexibility...

public class App {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
                .module(new AppGuiceModule())
                .plugin(new SpincastHttpClientPlugin())
                .plugin(new SpincastJdbcPlugin())
                .plugin(new SpincastFormsProtectionPlugin())
                .plugin(new SpincastScheduledTasksPlugin())
                .plugin(new SpincastSessionPlugin())

    protected void init(AppRouter router, AppServer server) {
        router.methods(HttpMethod.POST, HttpMethod.PUT)
              .handle(context -> {
            context.response().setCookie1year("myCookie", context.customMethodYouDefined());
            context.response().setHeader("x-powered-by", "Robert'); DROP TABLE Students;--");

            JsonObject userObj = context.json().create();
            userObj.set("user.id", context.request().getPathParam("userId"));
            userObj.set("user.timeZone", context.getTimeZoneToUse());
            userObj.set("user.locale", context.getLocaleToUse());
            // {
            //     "user" : {
            //         "id" : "42",
            //         "timeZone" : "America/New_York",
            //         "locale" : "en_US"
            //     }
            // }


Web applications and APIs

Spincast is a framework to serve as a backend for Single Page Applications (SPA), to develop old-school HTML generated websites or to be a REST API services platform.


Spincast is based on Guice from the ground up. It is very flexible: each part can be tweaked/overridden, even the core classes. There are no static methods and no private methods.

.... very flexible!

Spincast aims to feel more like a library than like a framework. It is not opinionated and favors configuration over convention. Its main goal is to give power to the developers.


Spincast is composed of a small core and a big plugins ecosystem. You choose what your application needs.


WebSockets are fully supported. Even by the Spincast HTTP client!

Embedded server

The embedded server makes everything easy to develop, test and deploy... When deployed, the application is fully contained, in a single .jar file.

Powerful router

Spincast's powerful router is injectable and dynamic. That means you can add and remove routes from anywhere in your application, at any time.

Well tested

Spincast is fully tested and even provides it own Testing utilities.