Database migration using Flyway

2018-09-16 2:00 AM (5 months ago)

A new plugin, Spincast Flyway Utils, integrates Flyway into Spincast to provide easy migrations for your SQL database.

By using this plugin, you write your migrations using plain Java code, will full dependency injection support. You are also sure the appropriate connection will be used when running the SQL queries, even when your code makes use of existing components that are not aware of the migration context.

Hot Swapping

2018-09-09 8:00 PM (5 months ago)

A new plugin, Spincast Hotswap, helps you configure hot swapping (sometimes called "hot reloading") in your application.

The plugin uses HotswapAgent + DCEVM to get the best Java classes redefinitions solution available for free! The modifications you make to your Java source code during development are immediately picked up, without the need to restart the application.

In addition to the automatic classes redefinitions provided by HotswapAgent, you can also register listeners to be called when modifications are made. By using such listeners, you can run custom code to react to modifications (by clearing cache, refreshing routes, refreshing configurations, etc.).

Those new features lead to a very pleasant and fast development experience.

Spincast Attempts Limiter plugin

2018-09-02 11:00 PM (6 months ago)

Have you ever wish you could easily limit the number of attempts a visitor can make at something, on your site? For example to limit the number of registrations done using the same IP address, or to limit the number of messages sent by a specific user?

The new Spincast Attempts Limiter plugin does exactly that! It helps you deal with actions performed too much, or even with brute force attacks, by limiting the attempts a visitor/user can make trying to perform a given action.

4 new plugins

2018-08-29 11:00 PM (6 months ago)

4 new plugins are now available:

Timezone resolver and Date formatter

2018-08-13 10:00 PM (6 months ago)

A Timezone resolver is now part of the spincast-default artifact. This resolver allows you to define a default TimeZone to use, but also provides a Pebble filter: "timeZoneCookie()". This filter gets the user TimeZone using javascript and stores it in a cookie so Spincast has access to it.

Another new plugin, Spincast Date Formatter, allows you to format dates in various ways, both in Java code and in templates (using a provided dateFormat() Pebble function).

Change log

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