Java 17

2022-04-17 11:30 PM (2 years ago)

Unfortunately, Spincast hasn't gained a community, so I won't put as much effort into it as I did in the past. But I still want to keep an updated version for my own projects that use it. This version makes Spincast compatible with Java 17 instead of Java 8, and also contains multiple small fixes and improvements.

Note that the documentation may not have been updated to reflect all the new features. When in doubt, the code is of course the source of Truth.

One of the big changes coming with Java 17 is the requirements for the Spincast Hotswap plugin. The DCEVM library is not available as standard for JDK 17, so the currently suggested method of automatically reloading a Spincast application is to use a JetBrains JDK release, which already contains DCEVM. More information on the plugin page!