2017-01-02 12:00 PM (4 years ago)

This release is all about bootstrapping a Spincast application. This process has been greatly improved and the creation of the Guice context associated with an application is now easier. A new component, the Bootstrapper, is at the core of this process.

Here's a fully working "Hello World!" Spincast application :

public class App {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

    protected void init(DefaultRouter router, Server server) {
        router.GET("/").handle(context -> context.response().sendHtml("<h1>Hello World!</h1>"));

Speaking of "Hello world!" applications, you can now find three of them in the "Demos / Tutorials" section! :

Finally, we introduced a new section in the documentation dedicated to plugins : what they really are, how to install them, etc.