This plugin provides what is required to configure a Spincast application.

It provides the SpincastConfig interface that is used by the Spincast core components to get their configurations, and a default implementation for it, SpincastConfigDefault. The default implementation is very simple: the default configurations values are hardcoded.

It also provides components to allow you to add configurations specific to your application and to make those configurations externalizable. Using the suggested strategy, you can have different configuration values depending on the environment the application is running on.

Make sure you read the Configuration section of the documentation to learn how to use and configure this plugin!


If you use the spincast-default artifact and the standard Bootstrapper, this plugin is already installed by default so you have nothing to do!

If you start from scratch, using the spincast-core artifact, you can use the plugin by :

1. Adding this Maven artifact to your project:


2. Installing the provided SpincastConfigPluginModule module to your Guice context.

Plugin class

The class implementing the SpincastPlugin interface is SpincastConfigPlugin.