This plugin provides an implementation of the TemplatingEngine interface : SpincastPebbleTemplatingEngine. It is based on Pebble.

Make sure you read the Templating Engine section for more information about the templating functionnalities. Of course the Pebble documentation is also very useful.


If you use the spincast-default artifact and the standard Bootstrapper, this plugin is already installed by default so you have nothing to do!

If you start from scratch, using the spincast-core artifact, you can use the plugin by :

1. Adding this Maven artifact to your project:


2. Installing the provided SpincastPebblePluginModule module to your Guice context.

Plugin class

The class implementing the SpincastPlugin interface is SpincastPebblePlugin.



You can bind a SpincastPebbleTemplatingEngineConfig implementation to tweak the default configurations used by this plugin. By default, the SpincastPebbleTemplatingEngineConfigDefault class is used as the implementation.