This plugin provides an add-on allowing Route Handlers to easily access templating functionalities.

Make sure you read the section dedicated to the Templating Engine for more information.


If you use the spincast-default artifact and the standard Bootstrapper, this plugin is already installed by default so you have nothing to do!

If you start from scratch, using the spincast-core artifact, you can use the plugin by :

1. Adding this Maven artifact to your project:


2. Installing the provided SpincastTemplatingAddonPluginModule module to your Guice context.

Plugin class

The class implementing the SpincastPlugin interface is SpincastTemplatingAddonPlugin.

Suggested add-on

Example :

public void myHandler(AppRequestContext context) {

    Map<String, Object> params = new HashMap<String, Object>();
    params.set("name", "Stromgol");

    String html = context.templating().evaluate("<h1>Hi {{name}}!</h1>", params);
    System.out.println(html); // <h1>Hi Stromgol!</h1>

This add-on is already installed by default on the Request Context type.