HTTP Authentication demo


The following page is protected using HTTP authentication: protected page

To access it, use the following credentials:

  • Username: Stromgol
  • Password: Laroche

How to

Protecting a resource or a set of resources with HTTP authentication is very easy. You simply use the httpAuth(...) method of the router. You specify the route to protect and a name to identify that "realm" (the protected section).

router.httpAuth("/route/to/protect", "protected example");

The resource is then protected!

But how do you specify which username/password combinations are allowed to access that realm? You use the addHttpAuthentication(...) method of the server instance. You specify the name of the realm and a username/password allowed to access it. Of course, you can add more that one credential for the same realm!

server.addHttpAuthentication("protected example", "Stromgol", "Laroche")

More info

Learn more about HTTP Authentication in the documentation.